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I love quotes. Well some of them anyway. Because good ones go straight to the point. Such as the quote by Henry Ford: 

“Whether you believe you can or you believe you can’t, you’re right”. 

Did you know, Henry Ford was trying to raise money for his idea of producing cars on an assembly line, where each little bit was added at a certain place. The bank manager that he initially applied to, told him that the automobile was just a fad, and it would never catch on. He told him there was no point in lending him any money for that kind of frivolity. 

So, whether you think you will, or whether you think you won’t, you’re right. 

Beliefs structure our reality, they color our perception of what happens. They affect our values and attitudes. And how we experience the world. 

Wouldn’t it make sense to adopt useful beliefs and assumptions about the world, and by doing so increase our effectiveness in what we do? Wouldn’t it be better to hold empowering beliefs instead of holding beliefs that don’t provide us with a useful system to get results? 

You’ve probably noticed that the way some people think of things, is very often the way things happen. I’ve got friends who expect that things are not going to be successful and they get that belief fulfilled. 

NLP, or neurolinguistic programming, has a set of assumptions and beliefs that are very useful in people’s lives. Because NLP is the study of how people succeed, what they do and what they believe in order to excel in their lives. 

Now, NLP doesn’t claim these beliefs are necessarily true. But when you act as if they are true you can achieve much more easily what it is you want to achieve. They may not be true but they are definitely useful. 

Henry Ford watched the 15 millionth Model T Ford roll off the assembly line in 1927. His ‘universal car’ was the industrial success story of its age. He was an American icon and one of the nation’s richest men. 

By having useful beliefs about what is possible and not being deterred by other people’s unhelpful beliefs, he transformed the automobile itself from a luxury to a necessity. 

What do YOU believe? 

In future posts I’ll go into the different beliefs, or presuppositions, of NLP.
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