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Since you have read this far I assume that you’re serious or at least interested in getting a life you want. I say “A life” because it is likely that there is more than one life to which you aspire.
Most of the people who read my posts here are believers in human potential and our as yet untapped capabilities.

Resolve like moonlight stones

I’ll explain what the picture of the standing stones is about in a moment. First we need to clear up a few things.

One of the things that sometimes slows you down from getting what you want to get is the ability to imagine so many things. I am reminded of a saying by the Chinese sage Confucius.

“Man who chases two rabbits catches none”

So imagine what happens inside in your mind when you are free to chase a limitless number of possible futures. How focused are you ?


One of my teachers from the Western Mystical tradition was a lady named Dawn. She told me that you must focus like a standing stone on what you want. What she meant by that is…

A standing stone is a metaphor for durability.

Imagine having such clarity about what you want for your life that the image you have inside, will stand the test of time.
Images of Callanish Standing Stones, Isle of Lewis
photo courtesy of TripAdvisor

Resolve like granite that withstands the winds and rains of the storms ravaging the mind.

Yet within the centre of the stone, all is calm.

It feels no wind and it feels no rain. it knows only it’s own self and the intent to be who and what it really is at the true core of it’s spirit.

This is a mindset carved out of solid rock and that moves mountains.

This is what Dawn meant when she spoke about being a beacon. A beacon will endure no matter what the climate is and even when it is blown into smaller pieces through the intervention of others, each resulting chip from the original carries the essence of it, as if it is DNA.

The danger with developing this level of intent is that you would be well advised to have thought through exactly what you want first. Imagination on this level has a spooky habit of coming true when you act upon it. It is a powerful force for motivation because it shimmers inside of your very being.

Before you go trying this we need to talk about values and how they shape who and what you are and how you can use them as a tool for lots of things. Including getting what you want from the inside out.

Because that’s where we’re heading in the next nlp tip next. I’ll also begin talking about sensory acuity and behavioural flexibility.

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