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In a recent survey of NLP practitioners they were asked to answer the question “What makes NLP great ?”

The instructions said that they could only answer with one word.

Here are some of the answers and a video too that I uploaded to YouTube

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According to the survey, NLP is.



NLP is Fascination and exciting

It’s about attitude, connection and well being


             Enlightenment and



NLP is awareness, self accountability and faith

For others NLP is the Meta model ( relax you’ll be learning about that tomorrow ) reframing and


Discovery connection, growth and change were other answers that we got. As was future hope, freedom and rapport.

Yet others responded by saying that for them NLP is positive, illumination, choice and contentment. Understanding and new life choice was one answer. ( Some respondents were so excited that they needed more than one word…Nuff said ! )

Most said that increased awareness and relationships are part of what NLP is..


So there you have it… It has begun or maybe something just ended ?

What would you like NLP to be great for for you ? Let me know with your comments..

And I hope you enjoyed the video because that describes what is great about my experiences of..