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The Scottish comedian Billy Connelly once asked 

“How does the person that drives the snow plough get to work in the morning ?”

It’s a provocative question that forces you to consider all of the options.
Perhaps they get to work on a skiddoo or by sleigh. Maybe they have husky’s or reindeer to get them there. A secret tunnel perhaps.
I’m sure that you can come up with dozens of other possibilities on this.

I figure that a smart snow plough driver takes the machine home with them. That’s what allows them to clear snow. Being in that prepared state at all times. Having the equipment ready so that they can fulfill their role.

It’s a bit like leadership isn’t it.

Leaders tap into their own place inside that allows them to lead from. They have their own machinery that they carry with them that allows them to lead. It’s not physical machinery. It’s an attitude of this has to be done and I will take on the role of doing it. I will be prepared in every way I can so that this will be done.

Harry Truman had a sign on his desk in the Oval Office that said “The buck stops here”
Leaders all share this same attitude of responsibility for not just their own actions and words but also a willingness to take on the leadership of those that don’t care to do so for themselves.

The famous "The Buck Stops Here" sig...

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It could be argued that our society is structured in just such a way that leadership on the individual level is not going to ever take off as anything except an idea. That the masses want to be spoon fed and led by the nose. Under the present system that may be the case but it wasn’t always that way.

It was only after the industrial revolution that people ceased managing their own lives. The first factory owners had great difficulty in getting staff to attend work every day. Workers would show up until they had enough money to go and buy food or grog or
laudanum and wouldn’t return until they ran out of money.

The churches and the “education” System came to the rescue and it was the children of the first factory workers who really kicked off the Industrial revolution. Preachers would speak on the immorality of sloth and laziness ( after receiving funding from the factory owners ) And the government introduced the schooling system so that children and parents were forced on pain of prosecution to attend school on a regular basis  at regular and predictable hours.

This model of education is now only necessary for keeping people in check. It prevents and suppresses their creativity by and large. Education is proscribed and not always relevant.
I dropped out of University after being told that if I quoted anything from sources other than the set text books I would be marked down.

which is what we need as a species right now.
Because we are now at an evolutionary cross road we can only make progress by challenging, enquiring about and changing our belief systems and our resulting actions. Make no mistake we have little time left to make these changes.

The talking heads of the International banking systems are assuring you and me that they have the way out for the global financial crisis. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Many people say that we have no choices left. That this must run it’s course and that is true. We cannot go back to the days of Cradle to grave support from the State. It was never really there. it’s just that they told you it was going to be OK.  You believed them because you wanted to believe them and because every one else did too.

You were conditioned to comply by the same system that took the factory workers of the Industrial revolution and turned them into automatons.

Most importantly you had control of your decisions removed by stealth and force of law so that your options were limited. So that you would comply on every level including giving up autonomy over your own mind and thoughts.

I disagree with the view that you cannot do anything about this.
Once you choose to be the leader in your own life nobody can take that from you. Be it by force or by legal means or brutality.

Leaders know that they are not only in charge of their lives but that they are also responsible for what happens in it.

You too can take back control of your mind and your life. You do not need to feel despair about your future. You can choose to feel confident and empowered about what you have in front of you. You can become the leader in your life and be a beacon for others to model and copy.

Let leadership become an act of demonstration. A demonstration of what we are capable of as a species that lives together cooperatively for the good of every one.

It is possible because we have done it before. That means we can do it again.
I’d welcome your comments and feedback on the way forward because I and my colleagues are focused on creating a win win world in which everyone gets what they want. This means that your views and thoughts are also important too.

You just have to dare to express them.