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Why must transforming leaders inspire others ? It may seem like a silly and obvious question but have you ever stopped to consider the answer ?

First before I answer the question let’s take a look at the environment that the world occupies right now.The average person in the street is BOMBARDED with over 10,000 bits of advertising every day. Things like posters, billboards, signage on shops and vehicles, advertisements in magazines, newspapers, fliers blowing down the street, TV and radio advertising. And then there’s the internet. banners, Google adsense, graphics and videos. Plus the ever present SPAM from some guy on Russia who’s trying to convince you you need to upgrade your sexual abilities. (Actually they do that on TV now too )

Now here’s the question for you.

How much of what this barrage of bull promises, do people really believe ?

What is the factor that seperates out the stuff they do believe from the tacky LOUD lies being pumped into their consciousness.

The answer is inspiration. Inspiration and perceived achievability. So what this means that while it may be possible for you, to climb Mount Everest, the odds are that your tribe may not. And why would they want to ? It’s cold and dangerous and there are no shops or restaurants there in which they can be seen being successful. It also requires planning and blocking out periods of time where they won’t be able to do normal things like spend time with the family.

So for your average Joe or Joanne in the street they’re not generally looking for anything too taxing.This is why retail therapy is one of the most popular sports on the planet. People get to play dress up and can pretend that they are rich, glamorous and desirable.

So I think we agree that Inspiring others to change their behaviour is an up hill task. It must either be something that they are motivated to do because of a perceived injustice ( Occupy Wall Street is an example of this. The Vietnam war was another ) or because of a shared sense of impending doom ( global warming ).

There is a third possibility and that is “The great transformation and redemption” ( charismatic Christianity and Islamic jihads ).
Getting kudos from great deeds done in the service of humankind is a combination of all of the above. Often this ocurs on an internal level in people and people such as Mother Theresa of Calcutta and Albert Schweitzer spring to mind. Thomas Jefferson and the other founders of the United States of America are examples of this.

They had a common enemy King George of England. ( The great injustice )
There was a seemingly impossible task ( the ordeal ) creating a seperate nation that was independent.
There would be a great transformation through the principles of freedom , liberty and equality.
It went beyond th egeographical boundaries or the USA and reached out to all the people of the Earth which means it transcended traditional boundaries of national identity . Eventually it transcended ( in theory anyway ) race and religion.
It was the classic example of loss and redemption. The heros Journey.
“The hero with a thousand faces” by Joseph Campbell is an excellent examination of this idea.

As you may have worked out there are many aspects that go to make up becoming a transforming leader and I intend to tease them out for you in future articles which I will publish.

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