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I have been pondering even more on what leadership really is and have realised a few things, here.

Many present day politicians talk about their plan. Very few talk about their dream. Their vision for the future of the community.

Landmark education states that to get somebody to do something you must touch move and inspire them. So how do you do that ?

Landmark says that everything in this world only exists in the realm of possibility. There are no definites in life. No sure fire winners despite what the talking heads of advertising tell you. There is no tooth fairy either.

Sorry… that was your mum and dad.!

So how do you create a compelling message that the world will be touched moved and inspired by ?

How about if you were to discover a possibility you could create for your self that other people also resonate with and could get inspired by. I believe, from memory that the way you put it is this.

“To create a possibility for yourself in just such a way that other people get that possibility for them self”

By the way a possibility is just a vision and maybe you can use this frame for creating your vision statements.

So let’s unpack what’s going on here. (Linguistically that is ) and then I’ll look at the emotional aspects of transformational leadership. There are some presuppositions in the sentence. The first being that there are possibilities out there and that You can create them. The other inherent presupposition is that these possibilities will be so powerful that they will not only touch, move and inspire you . They will inspire others enough that they will “get it” that it’s possible for them too.

So what are some of the qualities of inspirational leadership?

1/ It’s not about you. No truly great leader ever did anything that was overtly for them. Those that did are called dictators. Think…Ghandi¬†

2/ The possibility has to be bigger than what one person can achieve alone. If it was a solo effort how would you need others to become involved ?

3/ It shall be for the greater good of not just your group, tribe, race or creed but for the greatest good of humankind. Anything else ends up as being the slippery slope to conflict.

4/¬† Your Vision ( possibility..) must align with the dreams, ethics and values that are common to all of us. eg: Love, fairness, equality and freedom of choice…

5/ The vision should involve an element of courage on your part and empower others to feel courageous too. For example medicin sans frontiers

6/ The vision shall give people the possibility of being heroic in some way. Consider if you will what it took to stand in front of a tank in Tainamen Square. this is extreme I know but somebody got inspired enough to do it.

7/ The transforming leader will create possibilities that increase the choices for those that choose to follow them.

One of the other important things to consider is that until you have honed the skills needed to inspire others to take action you won’t have much impact. Ethical sales are very much part of what it takes to lead others.

The first sale is to you..! Only when you are certain that you are aligned with all of your values and with the ethics of your tribe can you have the positive impact you want to be.

Once you have done that and only after you have done that can you…


Allow yourself to dream big dreams. Massive visions.


But not for you alone.


Become the dreamer for your world.