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There are so many types of NLP courses. Some deal with communication skills and others deal with management and team building. Yet other look at and teach better ways to impart knowledge. that is to say, how to teach better and faster. Accelerated learning techniques were developed from NLP including things like the memory strategies which allow you to remember up to 61% more. There are some amazing things such as Photoreading which was developed by Dr. Paul Schele. At th eend of a three day training you have the ability to read at up to 26,000 words per minute. ( disclaimer: these results are not typical and will vary from individual to individual… )

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NLP courses are also used in he field of sports and fitness and has led to some amazing breakthroughs in performance.

NLP ( neuro-linguistic programming ) is th estudy of excellence in every field and has so many appplications that I’d be surprised if you weren’t already using some of the nlp techniques.

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