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Here is a link about advertising legislation that will cover NLP in the UK very shortly. Please be aware that the web is becoming more and more regulated and this is a follow on action from what happened in the USA with the increased powers of the FTC. ( federal Trade Commision ) which put some quite draconian restrictions on advertising online. It’s only a matter of time before it happens here. The medical establishment has invested big bucks and isn’t about to surrender any part of that investment to folks who actually understand how the brain works. I would draw your attention to the bottom of Nick’s post where he states that you must have certain pages on your website. ie: A privacy policy, terms of use, about us and contact us. The last one isn’t compulsory in the eyes of Google. It’s just common sense. If you require a copy of these pages feel free to contact me.   Here’s the article from Nick Kemp


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