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Transforming Leaders

Market Leadership And The Business Acceleration Processes.

There are many changes and transformations that must take place on the path to business leadership. Most people look only at the external attributes. The wise leader instead, begins on the inside.

There are resources you already have within your business that are dormant, wasted and currently unproductive.

By reviving these assets, back to life you can breathe new life into a company that is lagging and under performing or perhaps sky rocket your business to the next level and beyond.

Specifically, I am talking about things such as campaigns, products or services that for some reason you stopped selling. This is common with business owners just like you because the very nature of what makes entrepreneurs creative, is in fact their Achilles heel.

It is your constant desire to improve or invent new products or services that causes you to stop doing some of the things that are working. Not just scrapping the things that don’t work.

I am as guilty of this as anyone. I have owned import / export businesses that I shut down because I literally couldn’t bear to look at the product any more. Despite the fact that it was extremely profitable.

So if you are seeking a quick boost to your income here’s an easy effective almost zero cost way.

1/ Identify your best months sales in the last 12 months (BMS).

2/ Divide gross annual sales by 12 to get your average monthly sales (AMS).

3/ Subtract (AMS) from (BMS) to ascertain Intermediate Profit Growth Potential (IPGP).

4/ Multiply (IPGP) x 12 to determine annual profit growth potential which now becomes your profit goal.

5/ Deconstruct EXACTLY what you did during your best month and what was different about that month.

6/ Replicate your best month across every month.

This is just one of many hundreds of ways we can help you transform, grow and position you and your business as the leader.

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