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Who is Mike Noone ?

Mike Noone is an Internationally Certified NLP trainer and Master practitioner with a background in Transpersonal psychology and Psychotherapy.

He has worked at the top levels of business project management in the City of London and also with the London Borough of Greenwich. As such he is aware of the often intricate nature of the political landscape and the sensitive nature of some issues. He brings more than three decades of experience in working with individuals and teams so that they achieve extraordinary results.   Whether on a personal or professional  level Mike will assist you to unlock whatever is holding you back from what you are fully capable of.

NLP or Neuro linguistic programming is the study and application of how people do things when they are operating at their highest levels of performance. Mike specialises in positioning individuals and organisations as the thought leaders in their field.

NLP is a system for modelling (copying) the success strategies that lead to excellence. This modelling process is done with such precision that it can then be taught to the person being modelled or to someone else. This enables those who are taught these success strategies to reproduce the same levels of performance or better.
Because NLP is based on research it means that you can reliably predict your results and how you will perform in such a way that it becomes second nature to you.

Unlike other Psychological models such as counseling which presuppose that you are “Broken” in some way and that you need to be “fixed”, NLP assumes that you work perfectly. If there are areas of your life where you are not getting the results you want it is because of how you do things as opposed to why you do things. So NLP works with the structure of what you do, as opposed to the content which is the results you get.


You are already very good at doing some things.
For example many people suffer from anxiety about speaking in public or making presentations. So they are highly skilled at being anxious about these activities. By using various NLP processes you can learn how to be relaxed and confident about speaking in public.

Even more importantly you can also become enthusiastic and filled with excited anticipation at the thought of speaking in public…

By changing the frame or context in which you experience “being anxious” you can easiiy and seamlessly transition into a more useful way of experiencing life.

Mike also uses Timeline Therapy (TM) and Transpersonal techniques to enable clients to achieve more.

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