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Transforming Leaders

Transforming leaders comes out of the idea that at our current state of evolution we need to make more than just surface level changes. As a species we are facing some major challenges which cannot be fixed by the same thinking that we used to create them.

We are focused on the next stage of human evolution and on creating the leadership skill sets required to make that leap.

Our research shows that of the many things that are holding back these changes, the biggest are the human belief systems. Populations have been cultivated into thinking that they are powerless and unable to make the changes they want to because of systemic institutionalisation. People are seeking leadership from progressive thinkers who have a different world view of the future that is based on science , research and data.

We are long past the stage where we can trust the management of global resources to those who have their own best interests at heart to the exclusion of the majority.
The next evolutionary leap for humankind is in our consciousness as without new perspectives and meanings we are doomed to repeat past mistakes with ever fewer options available to fall back on.

Here’s what we’re up to.

We will train leaders and those who are willing to be leaders in how to use their mind and use it to it’s greatest levels of effectiveness. Through transforming your thinking internally you will get different results externally. I intend to demonstrate this to you as we go along in our conversation here.

For now though it is important that you accept two principles.

  • Change is possible
  • That you can suspend disbelief

Over the coming weeks and months I intend to show you how both of these principles impact on the world that you live in. Here’s why that is important.

Everything you experience is the result of Mind, consciousness and thought.

We have been disconnected from mind. What do I mean by that ?

Well when you think of mind you probably think of your own mind. The six inches of grey matter between your ears. And that is part of it but it’s not all of it.

Stick with me here because things may get a little bit weird.

It will make more sense if you listen to a short story.

Martians invade Earth…Aliens use Death rays !!

On October 30th 1938 Orson Wells a radio broadcaster aired a radio play based on HG wells book, “The War of The Worlds”.

He framed the audience that was listening by telling them that it would be narrated as if it was a news item. The reporting style was the same as that used to announce the sinking of The Lusitania. An act that drew the USA into World War 1.

There were people who joined the radio play a little bit after the start time. They did not hear the announcement about the reporting style for the play. What they heard was a news broadcast telling them that Martians had invaded earth and were killing people on the streets of New york with death rays. Remember that in 1938 the radio was one of the primary sources of news and it was utterly trusted by most people.

Some people took to the streets with guns and axes to do battle. Others phoned the local police who told them, “It’s OK. It’s just a radio show”

What is the point of this story ?

It is an illustration of how we interpret information, based on the context we believe to be true.

So here’s an interesting question for you. If people are already tuned into something they believe is THE TRUTH how do you bring them back to reality. (Whatever that is…)

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