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There are many reasons why you may not have taken on the role of Leadership.

Become like a Standing stone

Being a leader is not something that is set in stone..

Usually those reasons go something like.

“Who am I to lead I am just an average and very ordinary person? I don’t have any special skills or talents …”

And that is right.

And here’s the point. While those perspectives may be true for you right now they are just decisions that you made at some point in the past. Those decisions are also probably based on what a teacher, parent or sibling had already decided about THEM, and then needed to project that decision onto YOU.

“Because Hey if I don’t see myself as a leader then I cannot see you as a leader either, therefore you are not a leader. And what’s more I will do all that I can both consciously and unconsciously to prevent you becoming one. Because if you prove me wrong by becoming a leader the my world view is not valid and I have to look at myself.”

There’s more to it than that but that’s the basic Psychology 101 behind it. As humans we are comfortable with things that do not challenge our world view.

So how do you get past these negative perceptions and what I mean by that is safety based perceptions ?

Well, how about changing who you hang out with ? How about changing the information you allow into your brain ?

Most of the media stuff out there reinforces that we live in a dangerous world and that you cannot be too careful etc etc. And of course that sort of data just plugs straight into your Reptilian brain which is tuned for danger and little else.

Despite what you may have been told, most successful people are more than happy to assist you to get the results that you want from life. So seek out a mentor and start hanging out with those who will support your goals and ambitions,

As the saying goes, first you have to.

Show up

Step up

and play full out…

To your Leadership,

Mike Noone