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Sometimes it’s a scary thought for some of you.

And I agree the thought of leading humanity forward can be scary. And that is not the issue. The issue is having the vision required to solve the big problems we face and that means we need clear leadership.
The issue is having the teams, the systems and the technology that are essential if we are to make a meaningful shift from what we have now.

Creating and living the vision also requires absolute clarity about the problems. And they are multiple problems.
You can no longer assume that you live on a planet where the comforts that you have enjoyed so far will continue. For you, your family or your community.

The issues we face together include but are not limited to

  • A corrupted and insolvent banking system that is protected by Governments, legislation and complexity
  • Peak oil
  • Loss of arable land
  • Diminished supplies of potable water and water for agriculture
  • Loss of fish stocks
  • Loss or coral reefs due to warmer water and the resultant nursery for many fish species
  • Increasing health care costs for older members of our society
  • Millions of boomers retiring every year with inadequate savings or sources of income
  • Millions of unemployed globally
  • Reduced demand for what little production there is
  • Social unrest as a result of the above
  • A complete lack of truth from the current leadership about the scale of the problems we face

Each and every one of the issues I have listed above can cause feelings of fear , disappointment and anger in a population. This leads to protectionism and embargoes combined with tariffs and quotas. This is assuming that there is in fact any trade at all in these essentials of 21st Century life.

Each of the things in the list above can also be a trigger for war.

How, many people think you become a leader... FAIL !!

How, many people think you become a leader…

I could go on for hundreds of pages and write several books on each of these topics. And that is not the point either.

Here in New Zealand there are adverts on TV about looking after your self and your family in the event of an earthquake or other natural disaster. I want you to consider the effects of a complete failure of the systems that you currently rely on. It may not be caused by flooding or shifts in the earths crust.

The whole point of this article is to ask you. Are you prepared to assume the mantle of Leadership for your life.