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Being a thought leader can be scary. There is no question about that.

If you ever thought of being a thought leader but haven’t done so yet it’s down to one reason and one reason only.

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Transforming Leaders

It is the fact that you believe all of you’re reasons not to lead… more than your motivation to actually help other get the goals that they want.

(More on this in tomorrows post..)

That’s what a leader does. They stand at the front and show people how to get what they want. It’s that simple and most people screw it up totally. .

The reason for this is that very few people actually understand the people they want to influence.

It’s a bit like trying to persuade the government that tax is NOT a good idea. First of all you have to understand the mentality of those who run the government, which is that you are a milk cow they want to keep plugged into the system in as many ways as possible. And you also have to understand their values. ie: That it is your DUTY to contribute according to your ability to pay.

The fact that it is counterproductive to innovation and entrepreneurial enterprises is neither here or there. You are obliged, according to their model of the world.

This may be a slightly extreme example and hopefully “Outraged of Ealing Broadway” will write to the editor here complaining about my lack of understanding about social policy. The editor will dutifully listen of course.

This blank space about what your market really wants is one of the major reasons for business failure.Which is precisely why in a couple of days time you can access a video here on getting right inside the head of your audience and having a look at what makes them tick. This is the foundation for all leadership and is a process I use myself and teach to all of my clients too.

After answering 9 simple questions you will know more, about those you want to encourage, to do what is best for them, than you thought possible.

The process takes you around 2 hours to complete but is time well invested.

Attendees at the Bali, Position Publish and Promote Workshop will of course get the full Monty.

Look out for some videos over the next few days on this topic…

As with everything here please feel free to share it.

To your leadership,

Mike Noone