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I see lots of stuff out there extolling the importance of having a life mission. A mission for you, your family and the world you want to live in.
it’s great. Noble and admirable. Except that nobody knows about it.

Very few change workers seem to believe that their cure for depression, for trauma, for cancer or just getting over being a bit glum are worthy of letting the world know about it.
So in this short article I want to look at your passion, your drivers and all of the reasons that you should have for promoting you.

This article was provoked by something I saw on Linked in that talked about how do you describe all of the benefits of NLP.

Here’s what I posted..

Threads like this are useful for getting people thinking about the infinite applications of NLP.
Here’s the thing. It is posted on a group in a business website where the majority of NLPs end users will never ever visit. They are seeking cures for depression and anxiety, phobias and traumas. They go to places such as yahoo answers..

As a trainer it took me a good deal of time to realise that people do not buy NLP. They don’t really care whether they have a control panel for their brain or not. What they want is for the problem to stop and that they are happy again. Or maybe even for the first time.

So I would like to re-frame the question if I may: How do you get people to be aware of all of what NLP is and all of it’s benefits?

Don’t assume that just because you have a better mouse trap that the world will beat a path to your door. First they need to know about your new technology and then they need to know how to find you…

Chunk down > chunk up > chunk down


So here’s my question to you all. Is your mission important enough that you’re prepared to shout it from the roof tops, for all the world to hear ?

If not then I’m sorry its not a mission…Go back to the drawing board…