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This is one area where many of us can easily get tripped up. Many of you may wonder what I mean by congruent and others may have already decided it means walking your talk and talking your walk. But there’s more. Much more.

I have a friend who to all intents and purposes has the perfect life. A lovely family of well adjusted children and grand children. A really great wife and he has a house to die for, right on the beach. His career is stunning and he has won many national and international awards for his work.

He exercises regularly and is careful about what he eats.

Small problem is that he has fat around all of his internal organs that was only spotted when he went for a medical check up. After much talking and discussion we decided that it had nothing to do with diet or exercise or life circumstances generally. It was internal incongruence that meant he was holding onto the fat to protect himself from something. We don’t know what but we decided to use ‘The Inner smile” as a technique to resolve the problem.

The inner smile is a Qui Gong ( pronounced Chee goong ) based methodology which involves you in actively imagining smiling down into every one of your organs and spreading love and healing to them. Each organ has got an assigned colour and task beyond what western medicine understands as it’s purpose. These additional qualities for the organs were developed over thousands of years from the perspective of Chinese medicine.

The inner smile

As you can see from the diagram there is a sequence to this process and this is also based on the Chinese understanding of how the body’s systems work together.  It also links to the Chinese elements of which are slightly different to European ones and they also correlate to the seasons as well. These elements go to make up a relaxation/ meditation which millions of people practise every day all over the world. in this meditation they are all sending love to themselves, each other and the whole of the Universe.

Here is a link to Mantak Chias basic inner smile meditation

the Chinese and Asians generally pursue harmony and balance in all things related to spirit, body and mind. it is believed that there are certain natural harmonies in life.

The point I am making here is that tiny distortions in your being can create distortions in these inner harmonies that will undermine your health and in turn your career and eventually your family life as well as your general happiness…

To put it plainly you are not congruent in every area of your life and that will show up in your world eventually. As a leader who wishes to assist others to Transform their lives this is obviously going to stick out like the proverbial sore thumb.

This is the reason that we recommend that leaders and future leaders work on their own internal mechanisms on the psychological, physical, spiritual and emotional levels. If one does not align with any of the others then there will be issues which may cost more than you wish to pay.

At this stage it would be beneficial for you to understand what Qui or Chi actually is. In the chinese system of medicine Qui is the life energy and is at the base of all martial arts. It is by learning to direct this energy that amazing feats of healing may be carried out.

Here is a video in which it is said that a  person is healed of bladder cancer by the application of Qui. given that this is a system of medicine that has been around for thousands of years, there is good reason to believe that it works.


Now as the inner smile is also a relaxation exercise this also has an important affect on your ability to attract and use Qui as Taoist Master, Yun Xiang Tseng, a child prodigy from the ancient Wudang Mountains explains here…

http://youtu.be/vXMSvxk0LRM In this 12:09 minute video he teaches another simple Qui gong exercise and talks about the effects of not being aligned as well as ways that Qui Gong can be used to get rid of colds and headaches and other ailments. On a personal note I have not had a cold or flu for several years now as a result of using NLP , meditation and visualisation techniques.