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I recently came across this article by Rebecca Cherry on Dimensional Bliss and it seems to confirm what we teach on our NLP courses that the mind and body are in fact one system. it also lends weight to what is taught in Qui gong that we actually have three brains.

Have a read and then allow yourself to imagine all of the possible things that you can do with this learning

Recently, Neurophysicists have been astonished to discover that the Heart is more an organ of intelligence,

How smart is your heart ?

than (merely) the bodies’ main pumping station. More than half of the Heart is actually composed of neurons of the very same nature as those that make up the cerebral system. Joseph Chilton-Pearce, author of The Biology of Transcendence, calls it “the major biological apparatus within us and the seat of our greatest intelligence.”

The Heart is also the source of the body’s strongest electromagnetic field. Each heart cell is unique in that it not only pulsates in synchrony with all the other heart cells, but also produces an electromagnetic signal that radiates out beyond the cell. An EEG that measures brain waves shows that the electromagnetic signals from the heart are so much stronger than brain waves, that a reading of the heart’s frequency spectrum can be taken from three feet away from the body…without placing electrodes on it!

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