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Recently we have entered into a collaborative arrangement with some people we know to create a new service called Transforming Leaders.

Transforming LeadersThose of you who are already familiar with NLP language patterns will recognise the conversational ambiguity in the name.

( Conversational ambiguity is where words have several possible meanings or interpretations )

So far we have identified at least 4 meanings here.

Transforming leaders

= Leaders that Transform

= We are the Leaders in Transforming

= We are transforming leaders and who and what they are

= We lead others into being transformed ie: leading from the front


For a while I too have struggled with what life is all about and what the blocks were. Yes this even happens to NLP trainers because we are human too and also get to feel stuff.


After months of discussions with friends and colleagues we identified what we think are the two biggest issues facing humankind right now.

1/ A lack of true leadership because current leadership is using outdated thinking


2/ A lack of belief that we are powerful enough to effect change.
Now I may be projecting my own doubts here but I think that for a large part of the population this is true.

Let’s start by defining what a  leader is. There is so much written already on this that we could be here for months so this is my definition. It’s shorthand but will do.

“A leader is some one that has the belief, skills or knowledge and the flexibility to assist to listen to others and to demonstrate how to solve their problems without creating further problems and is prepared to do what is ethically right to ensure that the challenge is resolved happily.

A leader has foresight based on needs that must be met now and in the future and a vision of how to achieve what must be done”

Now I am more than open to discuss the definition with you as that’s what this post is. It’s a discussion piece. And that’s another aspect of being a transforming leader is listening.

You can find out more at my facebook page which is still very new and a bit unkempt…


Or you can go to the site which you can find at http://transformingleaders.net